Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Lost Questions

Here are some current questions... What do you guys think?

  • Who are Ilana and Bram and company? Where did they come from. What is their mission? Are they the new and improved Dharma like some are speculating? What is in their box?
  • What is Smokey? Is he good or bad?
  • Where has Daniel been and what has he been doing?
  • Where is Saeed?
  • Will our losties be reunited?
  • Where is Claire?
  • How is John Locke alive? What role does he play?
  • Will Desmond make it back to the island?
  • Where the heck are Rose and Brenard?
  • Some think the war is between science and faith, what do you think?
  • Are Ben and Whidmore on the same side? or opposing sides?
  • Are the Dharma's closer connected to Jacob then we think? In their video there is the screen that says "God loves you as he loved Jacob"

Ok just some random questions to get us going! Cant wait to hear your thoughts!